We are a Family Owned Business.

My Name is James, The Sanitation Guy, and my Wife is Margo. The picture of the cowboy above is my son Billy,  Although Margo stays home to answer calls, and she let's me do the Dirty Work.

I Scoop Dog Poop, I Clean Cat Boxes, I am a Professional Pooper Scooper, I have been Scooping Poop for over 20 years. I Started out in a Petting Zoo, Scooping Exotic Poop for 15 years, Then i went on to work in a Animal Hospital for 4 years, Then i Started working for Animal Shelters, The picture below is me when i was an Animal Control Officer.  So, Believe me, I do know my Poop.  Pet Waste is my Mission and being the Best Pooper Scooper in the World is my Goal.  Although Pet Waste Clean Up and Removal is not the most Glamorous work, I Scoop Poop With Pride.


Why in the heck would I hire a pooper scooper to scoop my dogs poop?

Primarily because 1. You hate to do it, and 2. Because we love to do it. Honestly, nobody does doo quite like we do! Most people hire K9 Sanitation because they simply don’t have the time to keep up with their dogs weekly “production.” The second most common reason we hear is that many people find the chore disgusting and would much prefer to secure an affordable and convenient solution to their dog poop problem. Other reasons you may want to hire us include: the dog owner has limited physical ability, your family tends to get into heated battles over whose turn it is to play “pooper scooper”, you own several dogs and have noted that their poop production is an overwhelming force that you simply can’t tame, your lawn and garden is looking more brown and round than clean and green. You get the idea-endless reasons. Needless to say, if your children spend an inordinate amount of time in an area where your dogs commonly place their “gifts,” then you can really use us.


When Doody Calls, I Answer.

Call My Wife Anytime, 

Home. (951) 657-6974

Or you can e-mail me at



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